Rebecca transitioned full-time into the fitness industry in 2020 after six years in the nonprofit world, however fitness has always been a part of her life. A lover of all things movement, her background includes competitive & concert dance, swimming and capoeira. Growing up, she admired watching her mom lift weights as a competitive bodybuilder, so it's no surprise that when Rebecca began strength training in college as cross training for swimming she never looked back. In 2021, she and her mom dove head first into competitive powerlifting and thrive in getting as strong as humanly possible.

Rebecca aims to help you take full ownership of your life by building strength, mobility & confidence. Through strength training, mindset shifts & stress reduction you’ll create sustainable habits to feel grounded and take on your days with clarity and resilience. She loves helping her clients do things they never thought they’d be capable of. She will support you in achieving your goals and will always be your biggest cheerleader!  She is welcoming to clients of all body types, abilities, sexualities and genders. 

Owner & Certified PErsonal Trainer

About Rebecca

With me, you’ll find a safe space to grow,
get stronger, and shift into feeling
at home in your body. 

Even if continuing education wasn't required, I would do it anyway. My top strengths finder strength is input - I just really like KNOWING things and figuring out how I can apply them to my world. But don't just take my word for it! Here's the details:

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Training with Rebecca makes me feel strong and so much more confident. This wasn't about a body transformation this was about getting into a lifestyle that will help me age with more ease. This was about me doing something for the one thing I'll have until the day I die, my body. My head is more clear and I have so much support from Rebecca. My gratitude is so high I can't put into into words, my life will never be the same. - Casandra H. 

I never thought of my body as strong, but after working with Rebecca I am stronger physically and mentally. Rebecca helped me see myself in a kinder light, creating space for me to be a human in the fitness space! I now have more confidence in my strength and don't shy away when someone needs help lifting heavy objects, I jump right in because I now trust my form and body to manage the weight. - Lauren G.

Working with Rebecca is so very rewarding! Her smile in contagious, her knowledge is amazing and she understands the body and how it works. I highly recommend this gal!
- Christine G.

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Education & Certifications:

  • BA in Dance and Psychology
  • PPSC Pain-Free Performance Specialist
  • PPSC Mobility Specialist
  • ISSA Elite Trainer/Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist

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